Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Frugal leftovers: tattie scones

So super frugal it's incredible.  Left over mash, some plain flour, a bit of butter and maybe some seasonings if your mash wasn't already seasoned.

I had mash leftover from making the fish pie (see precious entry).  It was rather nice mash so I didn't want to just chuck it.
From Google Images
I first had tattie scones when we lived in Belfast for four years in the 60s.  Then I enjoyed them when visiting my in-laws who were Scottish.  Home made and wonderful.  So when I wanted to use up this mash, that's what I turned to.

You need some cold mashed potato.  Then add flour in the ration 1 part flour to five parts mash and add very soft butter in the ration 1 part butter to ten parts mash.  Sounds more complicated than it really is.  Weigh your flour and divide it by 5 for the flour and divide it by 10 for the butter.

Bung it all in a bowl and mush it together to a sort of very soft 'dough'.  Add any seasonings you want.  I just added a grating of pepper because the mash had already been seasoned and the butter adds some more salt, of course.  What you're going to do is roll out lumps of it to circles about 3 to 5 mms thick, and cut into quarters.  I had 160g mash and the mixture made two circles cut into eight tattie scones.

Melt a bit of butter in the pan and carefully lay in the scones (they are soft and need careful handling).  Fry on one side until brown, then turn and ditto on the other side.
Not my photo but just how mine looked.
Eat while hot and crispy.  Gorgeous.  I had a poached egg on top of the three pieces I had for breakfast and I don't know when I enjoyed a breakfast more!

I'm unsure if they freeze or not so I am trying it out with the remaining five.  Wrap individually in easy-leave or similar, lay them in some sort of rigid container and freeze.  I suspect I will reheat in a pan but without adding any more butter.  I'll let you know!


  1. Yum! I call these potato cakes! Will def make double mash next time on purpose!

  2. With my Italian background I would have made gnocchi but this is a great alternative

  3. I tried gnocchi before and they were a dismal failure!
    J x