Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Peanut butter

I love peanut butter.  Recently I've been buying Morrison's Savers crunchy which is not bad actually and, at 60p a jar, is manageable on Breadline.  However, last time I looked it had gone up, as have many savers/value items recently (but don't start me on that!).
I got a jar from Approved Foods which was very nice (and cheaper) but I won't be making another order from them for a while and it may not be available next time anyway.
However, there is a problem and that is the ingredients.  Neither had added sugar or whatever but . . .  palm oil!  Oh, dear.  Not such a good thing and not something I want to encourage, I have decided, although easier said than done, I know.

So I have decided to make my own from now on.  I used to, when the children were little, but got out of the habit.

To be fair, you do need a good, robust blender type thingy.  It used to take me quite a while in the dim and distant past but using Thermione it didn't take all that long to produce virtually smooth peanut butter which is what I wanted.  To make crunchy, zizz about two thirds to smooth, then add the rest and zizz again until the right texture for you.

All I added was a bit of oil and I do now wonder if that was necessary: I won't next time and see what difference there is..  I didn't wash the salt off and dry the nuts because, shocking as it sounds, I like salty peanut butter.  Bad me!

I used two packets of Aldi's peanuts (the cheapest ones) and simply zizzed them in Thermione with a bit of veg oil until they were the texture I wanted.  You can tell when it's ready - the sound changes significantly - and in a blender you can see.  I then simply decanted it into an old Morrison's jar.  It filled that and made a quarter as much again so it's not that much dearer really.  And it's lovely!  Well worth doing.


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  2. I keep seeing your delicious sounding recipes. I am trying to lose weight here!!! :D Do you refrigerate your peanut butter? I would. I'm not going to make any though. Noooooo. :) I'm thinking salads (more than eating them). LOL

  3. How rude of me, Valerie, I didn;t see your comment. So sorry. Yes, I do keep the peanut butter in the fridge, even when it is dhop bought.
    J x