Sunday, 10 May 2015

Frugal: bubble and squeak patties

I will confess straight away that I have no idea whatsoever how much these cost and quantities are pretty (very) vague.  They are nice and worth making again.

They came about because I had some frozen sprouts that I really didnt like and was about to throw away but couldn't bring myself so to do.

I chopped up a small onion and sauted it in veg oil.  I sliced the sprouts when they had thawed a but, discarding the base and added them to the oil.  Then they simmered gently away for about ten to fifteen minutes.
I tipped them into a bowl and added the last of some instant mash.  I'm not sure how much but it wasn't an awful lot.  I stirred it round and then added boiling water, just a bit, until the potato reconstituded but was quite stiff.
When it had cooled I added some grated cheese (from the freezer and I had bought it reduced) and I did weigh that.  40g.  I added a little bit of salt after tasting.
I made some fresh breadcrumbs, formed the mixture into patties and gently pressed them into the breadcrumbs to cover them.

Four are not in the fridge for Sunday dinner for me and Beth and the remaining three are in the freezer.  because I have no idea how much they cost, I am calling it 10p per patty.  I know it won't be more.
Tomorrow I will fry them in a little oil.

Update.  Absolutely gorgeous but ended up more like fried potato as the patties did not hold their shape, probably due to the cheese.
One to do again!

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