Saturday, 30 May 2015

Frugal: oat pancakes

This recipe can be found here:
(scroll down to the last recipe)
It didn't take long to zizz the oats into flour and it really is the easiest batter to mix.  No lumps!  I let it stand for a time and it thickened quite a lot but was fine with the addition of a dash of water.

I wish I had taken a photo because they were really delicious, very filling and so, so easy.  I suppose, when you think about it, I usually have 40g oats for my porridge and this also had an egg (two, in fact, because I have some titchy pullets eggs at the moment) so they're going to be filling.

I made two pancakes, not huge but certainly not blini-sized, topped them with some pineapple and some melon, added some dollops of natural yogurt and drizzled a little maple syrup over the top.  So, so good.  Thank you to Faith Archer for the recipe.

And I only used half the batter.  The rest in now in the fridge for tomorrow.  I might have bacon with it tomorrow and fry the pancakes in the bacon fat.

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