Saturday, 16 May 2015

Frugal: Jack Monroe's peanut butter bread

. . . which she calls 'cakey-goodness bread' and which can be found here .

I think you can usually tell from the dough and this recipe made the most gorgeous dough.  Of course, I changed it a bit to fit with what I had.

I used strong wholemeal flour as what I have is cheaper than the ordinary wholemeal I have (good old Aldi!) and I used peanut butter from a jar because I have some and I don't have peanuts and have no wish to buy any (because I will only scoff those I don't use in the recipe).
Also I had to use a bit of sugar to activate the yeast.

I made half quantities as it was the first time of making.

So the costing is:
50g peanut butter  7.5p (I got the peanut butter via approved foods and it was smooth)
100g savers plain flour  3p
100g strong wholemeal flour 5p
oil 1p
half a tsp yeast   around 2p
salt, sugar a tiny amount and rounding up some of the above more than covers that`

So the whole thing is under 20p for an extremely tasty loaf.  I've had a rounded bit and MUST get it into the freezer sliced before I scoff the lot.  And I must remember I cannot take it to school for lunches!

If you like bread you will love this.

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