Thursday, 28 May 2015

Frugal: soft cheese

I got this recipe from Faith Archer's blog 'Much More with Less' and she got it from Ceri Jones' blog 'Natural Kitchen Adventures' (scroll down to find it).  It is a very easy way of making a soft cheese using natural yogurt.

I won't reproduce the ingredients or the method as it is only one click away.  Well worth a look.

I made this yesterday and it was dead easy.  The cheese that results is soft and fresh tasting and very delicious.  I wouldn't call it cream cheese because I used skimmed long life to make the yogurt but next time I will use full fat long life and see if it makes a difference.

Suffice it to say, as I said on my diary blog, I won't be buying much soft cheese from now on, I will be making it as it is so very easy and way more frugal than even the supermarket value soft cheese when I use my own home made yogurt.  Using supermarkey 'value' yogurt, it is still better value.

Now all I have to do is find out what to do with the whey!  I wondered about bunging it is my next bread dough.
Any ideas?


  1. It should be fairly acid and would be useful for soda bread in lieu of buttermilk

  2. Ah - now that's good news. I always make soda bread when a friend visits as she can't have normal bread. I shall measure and freeze it for then and it will save me having to get that buttermilk! Thanks, Diane!


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  4. You can use the whey to make lactofermented vegetables if you like the sour tangy taste of say sauerkraut - very healthy and frugal as well since it helps the veggies keep longer

  5. I've never come across that before.

  6. oooh this sounds like something i want to try - thanks very much x x x