Monday, 18 May 2015

Frugal: a sort-of-vaguely-like-tempura batter

It's been a long time since I had anything in tempura batter but I do remember it a little and this, though nice, was different.  However it was still nice - crunchy and very light.  Unfortunately, it was/is rather oil laden so not one to do all that often.

It only took storecupboard ingredients and was very frugal.  Most important, it tasted good (I thought), so here it is.

Mock-tempura batter.

Wait until everything is ready because once made it has to be cooked and once cooked it has to be eaten.

quarter cup of SR flour (I used Savers so it cost pence - slightly over one, in fact)
quarter cup of icy water.  I put some water in the fridge before hand with an ice cube..
some salt
a dash of oil.  I used veg but garlic or chilli oil would be good.

oil for frying - I didn't put loads in the pan but more than I would usually use.

Have the food you are coating ready (I used fish - a basa fillet that I cut into 'fingers') and have the oil heating in the pan.  If it will take more than one batch, have a plate warming in the oven.  I also had a piece of kitchen towel on the place.
Put the flour and salt in a bowl, add the water and whisk together.  You want a thick-ish but still pourable batter that will adhere to the fish (or whatever).  Add a dash of oil and mix in.

That's the batter done.  Then . . .
Pop in the fish, veg or whatever and mix well.
Test the oil by adding a bit of batter.  It should sizzle immediately and cook quickly.
Using kitchen tongues or similar, add each piece to the pan (don't over fill or the oil will cool).  Watch them sizzle and fry.  After a short time, turn them over (if you are deep frying, that isn't necessary).
When cooked and if necessary, remoe from the pan onto kitchen towel on a warm plate and keep warm in the oven.

Serve and eat straight away.  I had it with a salad and some mayo.
I wonder how it would be if it was baked in a hot oven.  Must try it - but not this week!

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