Saturday, 2 May 2015

Frugal: fish finger sarnie

OK, so not really a recipe, just a put together but, oh my, how I enjoyed my lunch yesterday.  It was delicious so I thought I would share.  Yes, it's a dive back to my children's childhood but so tasty I could have eated double (but didn't).

3 fish fingers (mine were Bird's Eye not-cod fish fingers, £1.00 for 14 on special)
2 chunky slices of home made bread - small 1lb loaf so the slices were just the right size.
bit of butter
bit of oil
bit of salad cream.
A little sprinkling of sea salt

I brushed oil over the fish fingers and fried them on a low, medium heat until the outside was a bit crunchy.
I scraped some butter over the bread - you don't need a lot and the bread was very fresh.  Then I spread a little salad cream over the butter.  Not Mayo, I wanted some of the vinegar flavour that you get in salad cream.  I use Morrison's Savers!
Then I laif the cooked fish fingers side by side on one slice, sprinkled them with a little sea salt, put the other slice on top, cut it in half and devoured it while still warm.


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