Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Storecupboard: Cheesy crumble topping

I use this a lot.  It's tasty and easy and I have all the ingredients in my fridge or cupboard.  This time I remembered to measure everything out so here it is - my definitive version, if there is such a thing.

Ingredients to make seven of my size portion toppings
200g plain flour (Basics/Value is fine)
a pinch of salt
a grinding of black pepper
100g cubed butter or margarine
50g porridge oats
80g hard Italian cheese (in Sainsburys it is their Value range), finely grated*

Put the fat, salt and pepper iun a bown and rub the fat into the rest until it resembles breadcrumbs.
Add the oats and mix well (I use my hands but a spoon or fork would be fine.
Then ditto with the cheese plus any herbs or spices you may wish to use.

That's it!

Use it to top anything that you would usually top with pastry or with mash.  Bake at around 180 to 200C until browned with a bubbling underneath.

*you can, of course, use parmesan or similar but that's not vegetarian so I don't use it.  Also it is flippin' expensive!  Cheddar would also do well.

Sometimes I also add a good pinch of herb or spice.  Mustard powder is lovely and goes well with the cheese.


  1. Here, cheese has to have paprika on top or mixed in. Jx

  2. Paprika would be delicious, yes!
    J x