Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Storecupboard: bread and butter pudding

I made this last Sunday and it was very delicious indeed.  It made four very good portions and would have been delicious with cream.  However, cream not being one of my storecupboard essentials, I didn't have any.  It was nice cold later on too.

The original recipe is here.

However, I changed a few things.

Earlier in the week I carelessly defrosted a fruit loaf when I actually wanted an ordinary loaf.  I used some in the normal way but the rest was becoming stale.
Because of the fruit in the loaf (dried cranberries), I didn't add any dried fruit and that was OK.  The loaf also had walnuts and they were a delicious addition.
Ditto with the spice and it was fine.
However, because it was a sweet loaf, I cut down too much on the sugar.  It was still delicious but would have been even nicer with just a tad more sugar.
I didn't bother with neat triangles of bread.  I just buttered it and tore it to fit gaps!  Nice and casual.
Finally, I added some vanilla essence to the milk and eggs.

I will definitely be making this again.  So easy.  It went in the oven as the roasties came out and by the end of the first course it was done to a turn.  Perhaps some hot cross buns could provide the bread next time!  Or a brioche would be good.  Perhaps one could drizzle the bread with a little cointreau or grand marnier before adding the custard mixture or sprinkle over some grated orange or lemon zest?

Lots of variations on a Great British classic that aims to preventing waste.

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