Monday, 9 February 2015

Frugal Fun: another web site

I wish I'd found this earlier.  I followed a link elsewhere and spent most of the afternoon catching up on all the postings in between stirring, chopping and so on in the kitchen.

It came about when the writer, Ricky (known as SkintDad), found that he and his family were in very serious financial hot water and they needed to sort something out and fast!  He started this blog as a way of recording the ups and downs and, I think, to provide some personal accountability.

It's not just a food blog, far from it.  There's all sorts of financial information there including offers, advice, warnings, updates . . . it's very good and very readable.

He now has a column in the Mirror (not reading the Mirror, I didn't recognise his name) as well as one with a local paper and the blog is starting to provide a fairly useful income for him.

I particularly like the recipes, of course.  I've printed several off and want to work through them.  Some of them are frugal recipes and some are what he calls 'Fakeaways' - his own take on popular takeaways created under fairly strict rules. For instance, they have to cost under a fiver for the whole family!

I'm perhaps the only person in here who hasn't discovered this blog before but if you haven't and are interested in all things frugal, do whizz over and take a look.  It's well worth it.

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