Sunday, 8 February 2015

Frugal fun: keema curry

This is frugal in the sense that I used up freezer or cupboard ingredients rather than being inexpensive.  It wasn't dreadfully expensive as the mince, albeit a good 'name', was half price.

Anyway, the recipe is here on the wonderful 'all recipes' site.

I used red onion and I used frozen mixed veg (value so mostly carrot and peas) instead of the frozen peas.
I added some frozen mixed peppers.
I added some crushed ginger after reading the comments
I also added extra water and cooked some rice with it to make it a one pot.
 I added some salt.  Not a lot, but it was tasting a bit bland without it because of the rice, I suspect.

Next time I will parboil the potatoes beforehand.  They took a long time to cook, even though they were diced.

It made four very good portions and is one I will definitely make again.  Easy and not too expensive.  Do take a look.

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