Friday 20 February 2015

Frugal fun: mini quiches

Yesterday I had lunch at a friends.  She made quiche.  I love quiche but hardly even have it because  - well, quiche is for several, isn't it.  Or is it?  I came home and started thinking and this is the outcome.

As I am sure you know, you can use so many different things to fill a quiche.  I used pepper, onion and some bacon, but the choice is as wide as your storecupboard!  So this is adaptable.

I used two diddy little quiche dishes (with removable bases so I was careful not to have holes in the pastry) which are between 9 and 10cms in diameter, depending on which bit of the flute you start from.

Ingredients to make two individual portions.
45g plain flour (I used value)
20g butter plus a smear for oiling the dishes
40g frozen mixed peppers
20g nion, finely sliced
a rasher of value back bacon, chopped (or you could use leftover chicken, ham, tuna, whatever)
1 smallish egg
75 mls milk
a good pinch of cornflour (about half a tsp, I guess)
25g grated cheese
salt, pepper, herbs

Put 1tsp oil in a small pan.  If using bacon, fry the bacon first, then add the peppers and onion.  If using leftover chicken or ham or some tune, no need to cook that.  Fry until the bacon is properly cooked and the vegetables are softening.

White that is frying, make the pastry, wrap it and pop it in the fridge for a short while.  Using your fingers or kitchen towel, smear a little butter around the inside of the baking dishes.

Mix the egg and milk together, add 15g of the cheese and season with salt, pepper, herbs, etc.  Not too muc salt because the cheese will be salty.

Tip the contents of the frying pan onto some kitchen towel and pat off as much oil as possible (in the interests of healthy eating).

Divide the pastry into two equal amounts, roll each ball out and line a dish.  Carefully push into the corners and make sure there are no holes.  Trip the top.

Divide the filling between the two little dishes.  Pour over the batter.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top

Place dishes on an ovenproof dish or tray.  Bake at 200 until done.  Eat immediately or allow to cool before freezing.

You could probably omit the pastry and make it as a crustless quiche.

There was enough pastry left over for me to use a mini muffin tray and make two tiny little jam tarts – in the interests of waste not, want not, you understand!  Nothing to do with being a little - I mean big - piggy!


  1. Quiche slices make a good freezer standby meal. Mine are cheese and onion, I use at least 3 different varieties of cheese - mature cheddar (or Lancs. tasty if I can get it) Wensleydale and Emmental for the top. (Beaten eggs with milk) Not 'frugal' but very tasty and freezes well. Always make two large quiche at a time (better use of oven). Jx

  2. It all sounds absolutely delicious, Joan!
    J x

  3. Quiche sounds like a good idea and as I have the individual tins like you I could make up a whole batch for the freezer. As you say they are a great way of using up odds and end of leftovers.

  4. I'm testing one for dinner tonight and hoping it tastes as good as I think it will. :-)
    J x