Sunday 22 February 2015

Frugal fun: sort of flapjacks

I say 'sort of' because they're really a cross between flapjacks and shortbread.  Very simple, very easy, very frugal and - very important - very delicious despite the lack of butter and golden syrup.  Thay're not chewy or 'heavy' as flapjacks are and they have more crunch than shortbread.

The recipe is here, on Thrifty Lesley's site, together with plenty of other likely looking recipes.  It's just about the easiest thing I have ever made, an absolute doddle and very, very quick to put together as you simply put the four ingredients in a bowl and mix.
I used my small baking tray and I lined it with parchment that I had scrunched up under the cold tap, then opened up and shaken out.  It fits into the corners of the tray very nicely that way and makes for easy removal when baked.

I can see myself making this recipe fairly often and I think it would also do as a base for a no cook cheesecake - you'd have to bake the base, cool it and then spread over the topping.

This recipe made 12 'fingers' the way I cut it.  By the end of the day they were all gone - but remember that I did have daughter and hungry teenager grandson over during the day.

It would add a little to the cost, I know, but next time I might try it with some sort of brown sugar to change the flavour.  Or maybe a blob or orange or lemon oil might be nice.  Plenty of variations to try there.

Definitely one to try - go on, take a look.

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