Sunday, 22 February 2015

Frugal fun: Jack Monroe's carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers

In the interests of using up what's in the freezer as well as making sure there's a selection of vegetarian options for my daughter when she comes round, I thawed out three containers of home cooked kidney beans and made what has become Jack Monroes 'signature' recipe - or one of them anyway.  It really is remarkably simple to make and quite delicious too!

As always, I changed something.   I used a lot more beans that the recipe requires but didn't really change the rest.  Perhaps I used a bit more carrot, I'm not sure.  Also, instead of mashing everything down I used Thermione, which gave a smoother texture although I was careful not to completely puree it.  A stick blender or other type of zizzer would do just as well.  Finally, I left the mixture overnight in the fridge and I think that helped the flavours to develop.

The outcome was seven really decent sized burgers which I open froze before bagging.  One would be fine in a bap with the trimmings or two if eaten as part of a main meal without bap, etc.

I won't reproduce the recipe here but here's the link and a photo borrowed from Jack's site.  Well worth making!

Photography by Susan Bell.

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