Sunday, 6 July 2014

Recipe: Naan

And finally, to complete a trio of recipes, I found a nice easy recipe for naan bread.  It's here on the all recipes site.

It is not conventional, it's not even yeast, but you know what - it was dead easy and very tasty.  I didn't fuss around with four pieces of foil, I spread one across the grill pan and oiled it.  Then I oiled each naan with my hands before placing it under the grill.  Really simple and the one that was left I cut into fingers and had them with hummus for tea.  You could do them on a griddle or in a pan but this way I could do two at a time.  Oh, and it's definitely frugal!

I'm really glad I made a litre of yogurt yesterday!  Next time I'm going to try flavouring them, maybe with black pepper and garlic.

I won't reproduce the recipe here as it's so easy to find elsewhere.

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