Monday, 7 July 2014

Recipe: Jane's ginger cookies

I was idly trawling around looking for something nice and easy to bake when I came across this:

OK, so the amounts are for 8 dozen (!!!) and reducing it down using the gizmo with the recipe gives some weird amounts which I rounded up or down, but it is an easy recipe and I had most of the ingredients in my cupboard; the only thing I didn't have was ground cloves so I used mixed spice instead.

They've just come out of the oven and I couldn't resist trying one, hot and still softish.  Brown, fragrant, lovely cracking on top and sparkly from the granulated sugar they were rolled in before baking.  And the taste?  Very, very good indeed.  Another to go on the 'must make again' list.  Take a look and maybe have a go!

In fact, the site, Elizabeth's Kitchen Diaries, is lovely: jam-packed full of interesting and delicious looking recipes, crafts and more besides.  If you like blogs, you will like this.

I've just had another one - so good.  Crunchy on the outside with a hint of chewiness in the centre.  And rather good dunked in my coffee too!

I want another one.  Oh, dear!

(Edited to add that I actually made them in Thermione, but the recipe is for the conventional way)

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