Saturday, 1 March 2014

This and that

No recipes, not yet, just a few bits and bobs.

We're doing a theme entitled Long, long ago and have chosen a vague time of around 110 to 120 years ago, in other words, Victorian times.  It's more an 'experience' theme, as is suitable for five year olds.
We learnt the circle game Do You Know The Muffin Man last week and it struck me as we played it that they would think of muffins as cakes, not the enriched dough bread that is an English muffin.  Also, there's the whole thing of street cries, etc.  They're five, I can't go into it too far, but I think they would enjoy watching that scene in Oliver with the song 'Who Will Buy' and I reckon they would LOVE to make real muffins.

So I have to do some research.  I have to dig out muffin recipes and try them at home.  I might also have to make some American muffins as well, to compare and contrast.  But the important research is English muffin recipes because, to my shame, I don't think I have ever made any.
So I've started with the Paul Hollywood recipe which we saw them make on Bake-Off.  I've cheated - I used Thermione to make the dough which is a bit naughty and I won't do that in school.  There are several likely sounding recipes online so I will have to have a go at several, not only to check the recipe but also to find out how many I can make from one batch.  Oh, dear.  What a hardship, eh?  They will just have to feeeze well  The recipes all seem to indicate that you fry them in a pan or on a skillet, but I am going to try baking some, just to see.  In class, it would be a lot easier (and safer) to bake.

And now I'm getting ideas for our Family Assembly too!!

Watch this space!


  1. That sounds like a fun project! I wish I'd done that sort of thing when I was five!

  2. They do like this half term's topic and so do I!
    J x