Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easy peasy biccies

The explanation is on my other blog, Diary of a Teacher so no more waffle here, just a dead easy recipe for very delicious biscuits.

Ingredients to make more than you should eat!!!
225 butter at room temperature (nice and soft)
110g caster sugar
275g plain flour
ground spices (I used cinnamon but there was a reason for that) or finely grated zest

Preheat the oven to 170C or 150 fan or gas 3

Cream the butter in a bowl until soft and creamy.  Add the sugar and beat until the mixture is pale and fluffy.
(that's that the recipe says - i just sort of mixed it all up well!)

sift in the flour and spices/zest and bring the mixture together to form a soft dough.

Using hands, roll the dough into walnut sized balls and place the slightly apart on a prepared baking tray (I used a teflon sheet).  Flatten them slightly.  bake in the oven for between 15 and 20 mins, until they are golden brown and slightly firm on top.

Transfer the biscuits to a wire rack to cool.

Resist eating
(OK so I added that one)

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