Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jack Monroe's cabbage griddle scones

I won't reproduce the recipe as you can find it here.

They're very nice, give an interesting difference to the breakfast plate and go well with the bacon I had with them.

I say 'them' but her portions can be huge.  I made half quantities of a mix that was meant to be for four scones and that made three scones, good sized scones too.   I've had one and the other two will either be frozen for later on in the week or perhaps I will have another one toasted with a poached egg on top for tea.

I slow cooked some streaky bacon first so I had a nice lot of bacon fat to cook them in and I had a dollop of mango chutney on the side.  Really very nice indeed ( and would be even nicer had I used better quality bacon) although when I make them again I will split and butter them or perhaps add some grated cheese to the mixture.  Value not-Parmesan should do the trick nicely!

They would be good for tea too, with cream cheese and chutney; a savoury version of a cream tea.

Definitely one to make again.

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