Sunday, 2 March 2014

Recipe: easy lemon mousse

This is a very quick and easy recipe which I found by Googling.  I've just made it and it was no trouble at all.  I used the cream I made yesterday (the proper cream, not the salty  cream, of course).  The cream it made was just the amount needed for this recipe which is useful to know.

You can find the recipe here.  I've just found this blog, Penny's Recipes, and it seems to have some rather good recipes - do go and visit, if you like recipes you will like this blog.  I won;t reproduce it here because a) it's just one more click away and b) it isn't mine anyway!
I will just say it takes 150mls double cream, a bit of caster sugar, one egg white (I shall use the yolk in a quiche thing) and a lemon so there's nothing exotic of hard to find.

I whipped the cream before adding the sugar and lemon because, being a new venture, I wasn't sure the home made cream would whip.  It did though, so that's a question on my list answered.  I suspect I will make my own cream whenever possible from now on.  I wonder if it can be made with long life milk and whether it will taste any different.  If so, I can always keep the ingredients in store.  I must try.
Anyway, it made no difference as far as I could tell, adding the lemon and sugar after whipping rather than before.

Also, it says to serve 2 but I popped the mixture into ramekin dishes and it has made enough for three with a good scraping of the bowl.  
Another to go on my make again list!


  1. Good looking recipe and nice blog but annoyingly riddled with ads ....
    These muffins are in my 'queue' to try, found them in Good Food and they're not too calorific.
    Looking at the comments, people have found several ways to reduce the calories too and vary them, I shall start with using fat free yoghurt!

  2. Yes, those ads are intrusive but I guess it is a way of making a bit of money, never to be sneezed at in the current climate.
    I want to try the yoghurt based muffins too - they sound good.
    J x