Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cream of tomato soup: a Thermomix recipe

I've just made this for lunch.  Although I haven't copied any other recipe, I can't imagine it is 'original' in the sense of not having been done like this before.  There must be a fairly finite way to create cream of tomato soup!
I used a can of chopped tomatoes but it would be much tastier using fresh, summer tomatoes, especially if picked straight from the plant.
If made the usual way, in a saucepan, it's the same schedule apart from grinding the lentils first.

It's really tasty!  Photos later, if I remember.

Home made cream of tomato soup
 (makes enough for two)

a can of chopped tomatoes with herbs (400g)
a drizzle of olive oil
a grinding of black pepper
pour the tomatoes into a small roasting dish, drizzle over with olive oil and grind over some black pepper: place in a hot oven to roast until the edges are just starting to blacken but not burn.  It takes about 15 to 20 mins

While the tomatoes are roasting . . .

10g red lentils
Pulse the lentils until they have reduced to a flour consistency.  Remove from the bowl and reserve

half a smallish onion, peeled and halved
1 small garlic clove, peeled
quarter of a red pepper, seeded and cut into chunks
10g butter
Place in bowl and chop into fine bits.  Scrape down the sides.
Saute at 100, 4 mins, speed 1

quarter to half tsp balsamic vinegar (according to your own taste)
quarter tsp sugar
pinch salt (be careful as the stock paste is very salty – I added this pinch right at the end after tasting)
1 tsp vegetable stock paste (or use an alternative and add salt as required)
1 tbsp tomato puree
300 ml water (three Tmx cups worth)
Add the above (see note about salt), the roasted tomatoes and the ground lentils to the bowl.
Cook on 100, 20 mins, speed 1.  Allow to cool slightly before pureeing
Puree at 8 to 10 for about 30 seconds or until very smooth* (I held the cup on gently with a folded towel to avoid splashes as the mixture is very hot)
Check seasoning and adjust, if necessary.
If eating immediately, bring back to almost 100 and add some double cream before serving.

If eating later, re-heat in a saucepan, adding the cream at the last minute before serving.

* I like my soups very smooth so I then pushed the lot through a fine sieve.  There wasn't a lot left in the sieve afterwards to discard but it does make a noticeable difference to the texture.  


  1. My goodness, this soup looks absolutely wonderful, Joy! Definitely one to try!
    Is that a picture of the bloomer loaf you made at the top? If so, wow, it looks fantastic! :o)
    S. xxx

  2. :-) Yes, it is, Sonja. It worked well, didn't it? Thanks. And the tomato soup is rather delicious!

    J x

  3. 10g of lentils? That's a weeny amount. ..

  4. Yes, it is. It's for thickening, not for taste!