Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cheaper than chips: 28-04-13

B:   Porridge with a spoonful of home made jam    
L:   Cheg and salad
      stewed apple and plums    
D:   celery soup, half a roll with butter, flapjack  

Coffees  (black, weak, no milk or sugar)
Tea (no sugar

Total:  £1.64
Lunch was more than it should be because I had guests - I'd have spent less otherwise.  I blame the cheese!  Seriously . . .

Some of what I spend is down as a weekly 'allowance', such as the bread I made on Saturday, the weighed out butter, etc.  I'm counting that as already spent and will appear in the end of week reckoning.

And I'm starting to realise this isn't like calories.  Generally, once I have worked out a recipe, that's it, done for ever.  Not so in these days of rapidly increasing prices.  I think labels are in order here so that once I have worked out what 10g of something costs, it's there for the lifetime of that product.  Could be quite important for things like pulses, rice, flour, etc.
Blimey - it's complicated!!!

Just realised - coffee at school is free, as is playtime fruit!  Yay!  Not-so-small mercies!

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