Monday, 29 April 2013

Cheaper than chips: 29-4-13

OK, here we go.
B:  two boiled eggs, two (very small because it's a home made loaf and I used small tins) slices of toast and butter (both from weekly allowance)
L:  Left over salad from yesterday, banana (free)
D:  Butter bean crumble and broccoli, banana (free)
Coffee x 1 (getting better - or maybe I just drank more at school.

Total spent:  £1.17  Getting better!

p.s. the butter bean crumble was absolutely delicious.  I'm very glad the recipe makes enough for two portions.

pps.  Ooops, I've just realised I am going out on Thursday and will undoubtedly spend more than a week's food money on the one meal.  Ah well, that's life.

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