Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cheaper than chips: 30-4-13

B  Porridge with a sliced banana (the banana was free - yay)

L  Tomato soup (home made for 24p!), bread and butter, flapjack (see below) - and it kept me going all afternoon through some stressful afternoon stuff too.

D  More butter bean crumble because what I used made two portions which can't be bad.  Today I am adding some bacon (Morrison's cooking bacon, very cheap!) so I guess it is butter bean and bacon crumble - doesn't that sounds scrummy?  And carrots (free!).  No, I haven't been scrabbling in Morrison's bins, honest!

Coffees: mostly at school so  - guess what - free!!!

The total today is a slightly incredible 90p - but that does include stuff from  my weekly allowance, which is counted separately, plus some free things too.

Re the flapjacks:
it may seem a bit odd having something like that when I'm seeking to pay as little as possible.  However, I'm also aiming for this to be sustainable, the ingredients for my flapjack recipe, which I posted in here a short while ago) are not terribly expensive and I cut the baked results into 24 titchy little bits, one of which costs just 4p.  I reckon three of them makes the equivalent of a flapjack bought in a packet in the shops which still makes them pretty good value - and I know what's gone into them!
Oh, and oats are healthy - right?

What is my weekly allowance?
Well, at present it is just bread and butter - the bread I make with my Saturday baking and half of a value pack of butter, for the week ahead.  Both are lasting out well and should continue into next week, especially as I will be having a weekend off frugality for family reasons.  In fact, the amount I have factored in for this week should also last through the remains of next week too.  Can't complain, can I, especially as it is jolly tasty bread.  No particular comments on the butter, especially as I love Brittany butter with salt crystals!

Last Saturday I bought some nice, strong cheddar cheese.  Now cheese is dear - 10p for 10g, it seems.  Have you seen 10g of cheese?  It's basically a lick and a promise, believe me!
Given that, the pack I bought would be going mouldy before I used it all up so I've just finely grated what's left (most of it) and frozen it.  That way I can use what I need, when I need it, without worries.  And the label giving the weight and cost is on the container lid.
I guess I will do the same with the value 'cooking bacon' (what else does one do with bacon, I ask myself?) if it gets close to its use-by date.

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