Monday, 30 March 2015

Frugal: porridge pancakes with a fried egg

I saw this idea on Jack Monroe's site.  Follow this link to find it.

It is unusual for me to leave porridge but I didn't like it much yesterday.  I then realised that I'd used whole milk that had been left in my fridge and I much prefer semi skimmed or skimmed.  Maybe that was it.  Anyhow, I had some porridge left over so I thought I'd try the idea.  I have to be honest and say I really wasn't at all sure but I thought I'd have a go and see.  If they were yucky I hadn't lost much after all.

I think you definitely need flavoursome fat.  I used some bacon fat from breakfast on Saturday.
Jack suggests you mould the little pancakes in your floured hands but I found I couldn't do that as it was too sloppy.  Instead, I stirred in about a tbsp of plain flour and put spoonfuls of the porridge in the frying pan and hot fat.  Then, when the underneath had crisped up, I turned each pancake over and squashed it down to thin with an egg slice and that worked fine.  They do need to be very thin, I think.

When they were cooked on both sides and getting crispy I took them out and kept them in a warm poven and then fried my egg.
You know what?  It was really delicious.

The egg was 14p.  The tsp of flour was negligable, say 1p.  The porridge and the bacon fat were nothing because they'd already been costed.
15p for a jolly tasty breakfast is good by me!  Surprisingly filling too.  I feel warm and comfortable inside after that breakfast!

Thrifty Lesley has used the idea with some sauted vegetables on the side and a sweet chilli dipping sauce.  I think one could add some garlic, some finely chopped softened onion and some grated cheese to make them into jolly tasty fritters.  I might try that at some point.

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