Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Frugal fun and store cupboard: honey, lemon and peanut butter salad dressing.

It is Tuesday evening (although I won't click 'publish' this evening as I've already posted something today) and I have just made this to go over some salad leaves, cucumber and baby tomato salad.  It was delicious so I'm sharing

The ingredients are rather vague I'm afraid, but here we go.  I'll put the missing costs up later as My Supermarket is down at present

About 1 tbsp olive oil (not EVOO, that's expensive)
almost as much lemon juice (from a bottle)
A little squidge of honey (to take the sharpness away as well as for flavour) - about 2p, hard to tell as I didn't measure
About the same amount of peanut butter (I use Morrisons savers which is a lot cheaper and is actually pretty nice) - about 1p, ditto as honey
a tiny pinch of salt and a little grinding of black pepper - negligable

Whisk the lot together, taste and add a bit more of whatever, if needed.

Pour over the salad just before eating.

The above amounts made enough for two so the rest is 'maturing' in the mini pot in the fridge as I type.  I shall be making that regularly - it was so good.


  1. Sounds great I found this greek dip or sauce depending how you use it and it sounds pretty frugal
    1 handful of shelled almonds
    the crumb of a slice of bread
    1 medium potato, boiled
    garlic to taste (I put 2 cloves)
    1 tablespoon white vinegar
    sunflower oil or evo
    freshly ground white pepper
    The whole lot is blitzed up and goes well with steamed fish or veg

  2. Hello Joy
    Found your blog via Frugal Queen, and was happy to read that you also own a Thermomix.
    Mine is called Bimby as I live in Portugal, very costly here too but I have had for 7 or 8 years and I would not want to miss it. Mine is of course the TM31, which was a new model at that time. The now new model also looks very fashionable!!!! with its digital recipe book, etc.
    Lovely to have found you, will come back often. Thanks Barbara

  3. That dip/sauce looks intriguing, Diane. Almonds are delicious! I must try it out, many thanks.

    Hi, Barbara! So lovely to meet another Thermomix owner. I agree that the new one looks pretty good but I am so very happy with mine and really wouldn't want to change her for anything. I waited for months and monthd, umming and ahing before using a small legacy to fund the cost and I have never regretted it, not one little bit.
    Do you have a blog?
    J x

  4. Hello again - just came back to check if you h ad seen my comment. No I do not have a blog -but I will come back regularly and identify myself. Thank you Barbara.