Monday, 23 March 2015

Frugal fun: cream tea

Bet that caught your eye.   Actually it should have said cream cheese lunch - not so eye catching but equally delicious so I'm sharing.

A few entries ago I blogged about a recipe for very thrifty tomato scones at 3p each.  I ate one runty one while it was still warm and, showing huge restraint, froze the remainder.

Today's school lunch consisted of one of those scones, a little pot of savers soft cheese and another little pot of a chutney I made a while ago which is now absolutely gorgeous.
These little pots are tiny - they take 1 oz or just under 30 mls.  Just perfect for a frugal portion of 1/8 of a tub of the cheese (7.5p) and a heaped tsp of chutney ( 5p at a guess as I have no way of knowing) to go on two halves of a tomato scone (3p).

 That, with a piece of fruit made a most delicious lunch as well as being delightfully frugal.  OK, I could happily have devoured another scone but I didn't have it, so I didn't.  It would have been just greed anyway as I was perfectly satisfied with the one and am only just starting to feel hungry again, while dinner is heating.

Definitely one to remember and repeat so I thought I would share with you.  Thank you again to Thrifty Lesley for the scone recipe.

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