Sunday, 15 March 2015

Frugal Fun and storecupboard: quick and easy muffins

I found a fab website when I was looking for a frugal muffin recipe.  It is called Diary of a Frugal Family and you find it here:
Well worth a visit, I reckon.

Interestingly, Cass had just yesterday posted a link to her frugal muffin recipe, which was useful, and it can be found here:

It's one of those recipes that can be adapted but, for the first time, I made it straight.  I won't post the recipe here because you can follow the link and visit the site to read it but here are the costings.
SR flour:  9p
Sugar:  18p  (I'm sure I could get it cheaper but I used what I had - I don't get through much sugar really)
egg:  14p
Milk:  8p
Veg oil:  12.5
I suppose I ought to count the paper cases but I have no idea, they're so old, so I can't.
This added up to a grand total of 61.4p  which is a frugal very-slightly-over-5p per muffin.
I bet they will taste nicer than the shop bought ones at ten times the price.  Obviously, they are not a big as the shop ones bit that's all to the good when you are the size I am.

I shall have one with coffee and freeze the others as soon as they are cold.

And next time (yes, it has gone straight into my 'make again' folder AND into my Breadline challenge recipe folder) I will play around with different flavours.  Banana and cinnamon sounds rather good, doesn't it?  Or coffee and walnut.  Lovely!

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