Saturday, 14 March 2015

Frugal fun: savoury tomato scones

I found this in an article from the Daily Mail (sorry, but it was on the internet, I didn't buy the paper) about Thrifty Lesley.  I follow her site regularly; she's very clever at creating frugal recipes and meal plans and I've had some good ideas from her.

The article and recipe are here (scroll down) and her site is here.

 I made half quantities (first time and all that) and here's the breakdown

135g value SR flour:  4p
50mls veg oil  5p
50 mls water  0p
20g tomato puree 4p
a pinch of herbs  2p (maybe less, I guessed this bit)

It made 5 scone sized scones and a little runty one with the leftover scraps (no waste there).  Let's call it 5 for convenience.  That makes them 3p each.  Really can't complain and at that price there's room to add some very strong grated cheddar and some mustard powder as well and that's maybe what I shall do next time!  Or perhaps some smoked paprika?  Or some finely chopped onion and red pepper that has been softened in a scrap of oil.   Or . . . I wonder about cheese and pineapple, like a sort of scone pizza!
Plenty of possible variations.

Once baked, I had a taste of the 'runt' and it's really very tasty. more so than I expected.  I'm glad I added the herbs, they make a difference.  With a bit of soft cheese and a dollop of home made chutney they would make a most acceptable lunch.

Thank you, Lesley.  You are an inspiration.

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