Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Vegetarian stuffing

I always do a vegetarian stuffing for Beth and, to be honest, it is as nice as the conventional one that Mum makes for me, I think.

I got it from the Sainsbury's site so here's the link.  It doesn't half go on, sorry!

I made some changes, of course.  Don't I always?

I used garlic puree
The thyme and the sage were fresh but I also added some mixed dried herbs and some dried parsley.
The breadcrumbs were from a granary/wholemeal loaf (home made) that had gone dry and a bit stale.  Lovely flavour though!
I fried a little bit off to taste and then added some black pepper, some salt (not a lot) and some stock paste (home made) and stock powder (marigold).

I made patties rather than balls as they will be easier to cook, I think.  Oh, and I dusted them with flour as that, with a bit of spray oil, should ensure a nice, crunchy outside.

They are now on a baking tray, in the freezer, not looking great, I have to admit, but they will look much better after they are cooked.  They will come out on Christmas Eve and, on The Day and after the turkey comes out, I will spray them with oil and 'roast' them.

Another thing ticked off the list!  😀

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