Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Strawberry gin/vodka

I've posted about this before, ages ago, so it's time for an update and it's the right time of year too.  I've used my own strawberries but you don't HAVE to, shop bought ones are just as good in this.

200g hulled and chopped strawberries (no bad bits)
160g granulated sugar
700ml bottle gin or vodka (or 750ml, it's not too important)

You will also need a couple of bottles with air tight lids.  A 1 litre bottle is not big enough.

After picking over the fruit to remove any bad bits and washing, if necessary, put the weighted fruit and sugar in a bowl and mash well together.
Then add the gin or vodka and stir well.

Using a funnel, ladle the mix into the bottles - if the fruit bits stick, push it through with a spoon handle or (what I did) a clean finger.  Just use your eye to judge if there's an even amount of 'mush' in each bottle.  Leave a bit of air space at the top.

Screw on the lid and give the contents a good shake.  Label the bottle.

Shake the bottled every day until the sugar is completely dissolved.  You can tell because before shaking, any undissolved sugar will settle at the bottom.  Then store in a dark, cool place, shaking them when you think of it, until Christmas (or whenever, but several months later).

You could sieve off the fruity pulp but last year dad didn't and it was delicious in the drink.  If you do, don't waste it, use it in a trifle or in yogurt or on ice cream or . . . well, you get the idea.  Don't waste it - it is wonderful!


  1. You have strawberries? Mine are non-existent, the raspberries are mostly ruined too by the rain and the tomatoes are green and doing nothing. :( I'm not much of a drinker but this recipe sounds lovely, Joy.

  2. Loads of strawberries, Valerie. It's been a bit dryer in the SE, I think. The only berries that have rotted are some in the strawberry planter, ironically!
    J x