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Ten ways to use up stale bread.

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Ten ways to use up stale bread

We all end up with stale bread from time to time, don't we?  The more frugal among us make sure it doesn't happen too often but from time to time we are faced with the heel of a loaf or some odd crusts that really are past it.  Don't ever eat mould though - cut it off and ditch it!

Here's some things you could do.

1.  The obvious one is to zizz into breadcrumbs and then freeze to use as and when you need breadcrumbs, such as coating fish or making burgers.  Bread crumbs also make a nice topping for a fish pie or a macaroni cheese.  Just melt some butter, mix in the breadcrumbs, spread them over the dish and bake in  the oven until crunchy golden brown.  Mix in a little finely grated hard cheese, some mustard powder and/or some dried herbs too for extra flavour.
If you can't be bothered to do that, throw the stale bread into a poly bag and freeze it until you want to use it.
This is Rick Stein's fish pie recipe, found at
Bread and butter pudding.  There are recipes out there, just Google.  It's delicious, dead easy and real comfort food for those cold, wet days.  Good for stale hot cross buns or fruit loaf too.
What do you mean, what are stale hot cross buns?

3.  Stale bread makes amazing croutons for soups.  Cut your stale slices into cubes, toss in oil (or spray some oil over) and toast or bake until golden and crunchy.  Use garlic infused oil for extra ooomph.  Not made with stale bread but lovely picture!!!

4.  Eggy bread/french toast.  There's loads of recipes out there but basically you whisk up an egg (add a bit of milk if you like), season it, dip in your stale slices (both sides) and fry in a little oil.  You can sweeten, add cinnamon, garlic, whatever . . . take a look via Google and find one that suits you!

5.  Panade.  No, I've never heard of it before either but, while it takes some time, it looks super-simple and very delicious.  Great for left over veg too.
Borrowed from Google

6.   Pizza toast.  Toast one side of the stale bread (it is very quick so take care not to burn it.  Chop some ripe tomatoes small and mix with a little tomato puree and some salt and pepper.  Spread over the not toasted side.  Add some shreds of leftover meat if you have any, then top with some dried herbs and finely grated cheese.  Toast until the cheese is bubbling.  Eat immediately.  There's loads of variations, so have fun.

7.  Melba toast.  It really is easy as shown by this jolly little video clip and it's so, so much nicer that the stuff you buy.  A delicious lunch, party snack or starter.
Borrowed from Google.

8.  Garlic toast.  Make some garlic butter by mixing some garlic puree with some butter.  Spread over both sides of the stale bread.  Pop into a moderate oven on a non stick surface - when one side is golden and crunchy, turn the slices over to brown the other side.  Eat straight away - lovely with spag bol, etc.

9.  Sweet spiced bread sticks.  Mix together some sugar. cinnamon, ginger and cloves (all ground) and a pinch of salt.  Cut the stale bread into fingers.  Melt some butter and toss with the bread fingers, then add the spiced sugar and coat the bread fingers.  Place on a non stick surface and bake in the oven at 160C for about half an hour until the sugar is caramelised.  Cool slightly and serve with ice cream, chocolate sauce or just by themselves.  Naughty but very nice.

10.  And finally, just to be REALLY naughty - Chocolate bread pudding.  Apologies for the American measures and no, I've not made it, but it looks delicious.  If you make it, do let me know how it goes, please.

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11: Finally, finally, thank you, Diane, for pointing out an old favourite, queen of puddings.  Here's a link to a Mary Berry recipe.


  1. What about queen of puddings?

  2. Indeed - thanks. I will edit! Also, on Eat Well for Less, they made a delicious topping for baked fish with breadcrumbs, herbs and lemon zest. So many options, there's no need to ever waste bread.
    J x