Friday, 11 September 2015

Greg Wallace's Tuna Burgers

These were on Eat Well for Less last week and not only are they rather delicious, they are also dead easy so here we go.

The recipe can be found here so I won't reproduce it in full:

I made half amounts and it made five decent sized burgers using my burger press.  I don't use it all that often but when I do I am glad I have it.  I've just searched for a picture and it shows how old it is because I couldn't find one just like mine.

I also used Thermione to do the flaking, chopping, etc and I used garlic puree.  I also added some dried mixed herbs

The results are very nice, even nicer with my home made tomato and apple chutney.  However, next time I will probably zip it up a bit.  Maybe some finely chopped chilli, some mustard powder or some lemon zest.  There are lots of options which makes it a good recipe in my book!

Sorry - forgot to take a photo.
I didn't use this brand, I used a value brand which is fine for this sort of recipe!


  1. Did you store the recipe? It has been remover from the website ��


  3. Thank you for the link.