Monday, 28 September 2015

Instant potato and leek soup

I rather fancied a soup for lunch today rather than what I had planned.  This is what I did and it is very delicious, despite the horrendous ingredient!
It's a Thermione recipe but can, of course, be made the more usual way.

Ingredients to make a mugful.
about 2 inches of leek
1 tsp butter (not oil - the butter flavour is lovely)
a little squidge of garlic
1 tsp marigold low sodium vegetable bouillon powder - I think the full sodium version would make it too salty.
3 tsps instant mash (sorry).  You could use left over mash/potato instead but I didn't have any.
1 heaped tsp of red/orange lentils
some water
a little grinding of pepper

In the bowl place the leek and the butter and pulse briefly to chop the leek and mix it with the butter.  Cook on 100, speed 1 for 6 mins.

Add the garlic, the stock powder, the mash, the lentils, some water (not too much because you can add more at the end) and the pepper.
Cook at 100, speed 2 for 15 minutes.

Then zizz until smooth.  Check seasonings, add more water (I added it from the kettle so it was very hot) if necessary and zizz again.
Pour into a mug and enjoy.


  1. Don't be sorry! Instant potato is just potato and my HG ADORES it! I can't stand the taste of it though I think it's all in my head! It makes me think of school dinners! I usually have some in BC it's ace if you make your mash too sloppy, it's a great gravy thickener!

  2. It' very useful, isn't it, and it makes a great soup when you only want one helping, not a whole pan full!