Monday, 24 August 2015

Ways to use savoury mince

Last week I made a big batch of savoury mince and I have been thinking of different ways to use it.
It was pork and turkey minces (I had both in the freezer) cooked with chopped tomatoes, oats, lentils, assorted veg and various seasonings for a long time until rich and 'unctious'.

Here's what I have thought of so far.  More veg could (and probably will) be added.

1.  Top it in some way - crumble topping, mashed potato, mashed root veg, etc.

2.  Use it to fill a pie

3.  Use it as a bolognaise mixture with spaghetti or pasta.

4.  Add some chili and some kidney beans to make a con carne.

5.  Use a bit of my bread dough and make a (sort of) calzone.

6.  Top a pizza base and sprinkle cheese over the top before baking.

7.  Add a curry sauce or paste (and more veg).

8.  It might make a ravioli filling, especially if I reduce it down a bit more

9.  Lasagne!  I have to use my new small lasagne dish.  They are so hard to find - most little dishes don't have high enough sides.

10.  Cannelloni.

11.  Jacket potato filling.

12.  Over to you.  Any more ideas, please?  Do add them to Comments.


  1. I will have to look that one up - hang on . . . ooooh, that does look good, especially on a wet day like today! Thanks
    J x

  2. You could also add stock & veg to make soup - not very exciting but very easy, and a big slice of your homemade bread to go with.....

  3. Mmmm - so I could. A lovely, savoury, meaty soup. Thanks, Chrissie!
    J x