Monday, 10 August 2015

Lemon squash

And on the same theme, another drink recipe that I have used many times.  It lasts longer than ten days.

Lemon Squash

3 lemons (or use other citrus – grapefruit, orange, etc - a mix of orange and lemon is great!)
1 kg sugar (you can use less but it doesn't keep as long)
50 g citric acid
1.5 litres water

Place the sugar, acid, and the lemon juice, pith, pips and thinly removed peel in a large bowl. Bring the water to the boil (in a kettle is easiest), and pour over the other ingredients. Stir until dissolved. When cool enough, place in bottles and keep in the refrigerator until used.
Dilute to taste. This amount fits very comfortably into a 4-pint plastic milk bottle from the supermarket!
I find it keeps a great deal better if you strain it before bottling, as it is the lemon peel that is apt to go mouldy first! But it doesn't last much more than 3 weeks, so give it a 3-week "use-by" date.

Edited to add that it is partucularly nice if you dilute it with chilled sparkling water.

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