Sunday, 9 August 2015

Home made fruit liqueur

I'm posting this for Emma and, as with the jam, it makes sense to share it here with a wider readership.  It came from my dad and, basically, it is exactly as I got it from him.  I have no idea where he got it from.  You can basically use any soft fruit - strawberries are lovely in this.

Recipe for raspberry gin:
300g of raspberries                                       (200g)
330g of white granulated sugar                          (160g)
1.5 litres (or more) of medium quality gin or vodka                (75cl)
Sterilised 2 litre Le Parfait jar or 2 or 3 (70 cl) washed and sterilised gin/vodka bottles
Wash raspberries and discard any bruised fruit. Place raspberries in either a large 2 litre Kilner/Le Parfait jar or divide the raspberries between 2 or 3 (70 cl) saved bottles.
Using a funnel, add the sugar (divide the amounts if using several bottles) and top up with gin/vodka to the rim.
Shake every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place until you can resist it no longer (leave for at least three months, I usually let it mature for a year).

If you are making blackberry gin/vodka remove the fruit after 3 months (pour through muslin) to stop the woody taste developing and mature for up to a year or longer.

Note from dad:

Attached is the standard recipe for almost any fruit and vodka or gin combination.  In the first three lines, in brackets, I’ve indicated the amounts I used for a normal single bottle – you’ll see that I went a bit heavier on the fruit as it was strawberries I was doing but it needs varying depending on the strength of the flavour of the fruit – a bit less for raspberries and blackcurrants for example.  But it is not crucial.  The only thing I’d keep to is the ratio of liquor to sugar.

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