Saturday, 3 January 2015

Brussels sprouts hash

This is delicious.  I've never roasted sprouts before but I will do so in the future.  It's not my recipe at all so please follow the link to find it.

Brussels sprouts hash

I reduced the amount - one medium potato and enough sprouts to look right, plus half a smallish onion.  I use butter rather than oil.   Also, after the water had all disappeared, I bunged it all in an oven dish with a drizzle of olive oil.
As a result it was not vegan, sorry, but I love the flavour butter brings.

One to make again, maybe with other veg too - parsnips, sweet potatoes, for example - and with grated cheese on top.

Go on, take a look.  It's very easy and trouble free.

Edited on 4-1-15
Today I made it with onion, sprouts, potato, parsnip, muchroom and chick peas with grated cheese over and it was absolutely gorgeous.  As daughter remarked - tasty soup without the liquid!


  1. I prefer to use brussel sprouts to make bubble and squeak as they add a bit more flavour the hash sounds great.

  2. It was scrummy. I made it again today and added parsnip, chestnut mushrooms and chickpeas and it made a most filling lunch with some grated cheese and garlic bread.