Saturday, 17 January 2015

Cream of celery soup: Thermomix.

This is the original recipe, seen on Food and Drink.
The recipe also includes soda bread and a poached egg to pop into the soup.

Of course, I have slightly adapted it to match what I have in and used Thermione.  Mainly I used less celery because I didn't have 1k of celery.
This is what I did.

a glug of oil
1 onion, peeled and rouchly chopped
half a tsp lazy crushed garlic
3 small floury potatoes (King Eds, left over from Christmas), peeled and cubed
1 Knorr chicken stock pots with 1 litre hot water
some dried mixed herbs (because I didn't have parsley)
some celery (nearly 700g, finely sliced)

To be added later:
some double cream and seasonings to taste

Into the bowl pour the oil.  Add the onion and briefly pulse.  Push down the sides with the spatula.
Saute on 90 for five minutes, reverse speed 2.

Add the potato and the garlic and continue to saute as above for a further 5 minutes

Add the hot stock and the sliced celery.  Cook on Varoma, speed 3 for about 20 mins until the celery is soft (press a fork on it to check).

Blend on top speed for around 90 seconds.  Check the salt and pepper and add more if needed.  I didn't.

The recipe says push through a sieve but I found it came out perfectly smooth and there was no need to do this.  That's Thermione for you!  Without a Thermomix you could do it the normal way but it might need the sieve to make it totally smooth.

It's rather good just as it is and would be a great part of a 'healthy' diet.  With added cream it would be luscious.
I have partitioned it into three good portions for freezing and one for lunch today.  I will add cream to today's but not to the ones for freezing.  They could have milk added when reheating, if I wanted.

Because I didn't use the parsley, it didn't come out that wonderful shade of green but I really don't care.  The taste is good and that's what matters.


  1. In the garden we have flat-leaved parsley, grows all year round. Doesn't bolt like the curly kind. Jx

  2. Really? That's worth knowing, thanks. I have only ever grown the curly kind.
    J x