Saturday, 24 January 2015

Not a recipe!

I've felt a little lacking in inspiration since Christmas.  It's all been very dull and, as a result, expensive!  I need some motivation.  I need to get back some frugality.

I saw that one can now register for the 2015 Live Below the Line.  I haven't registered but probably will, although I might extend it and make is something like 21 days rather than just five.  That would make it 'easier', daft as it sounds.  Have £21 for 21 days is easier than £5 for five days.  One could buy a turkey leg and spread the meat out over many meals, not to mention the wonderful stock and the dripping.  Or a bag of lentils would make some great meals and would be right for 21 days whereas five days would either see you with loads left over or you'd have lentils coming out of your ears.
All of the above would depend if Beth does it with me or not, mind you!

I thought I might just try something now though - buy a bag of lentils and base at least one meal a day around it until the bag has gone, also accounting for most other ingredients.  Not spices and condiments though because, as before, there's no way I can work out the cost of a pinch of this or a dab of that.  Other things could be counted pro rata, so to speak.  Will it be boring?  No idea, perhaps, I will see.

Anyway, I'm spending my Saturday morning on a lentil recipe hunt.

Watch this space!


  1. Lentils are very useful and filling. Guessing you'll be spoilt for choice when looking thro' recipes. Jx

  2. I found loads, Joan. Starting this evening with lentil bake!
    J x