Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas with Thermione: old fashioned custard

No, I don't mean the egg yolk, sugar, vanilla, cornflour kind, I mean the Birds kind.  And certainly NOT the 'just add boiling water' variety but the 'mix the powder and sugar with a little milk until smooth, boil up the milk (making a right mess of a saucepan and, if unlucky, the top of the oven too), add and stir until you realise it ain't going to thicken so you have to mess up another saucepan by reheating it until it does thicken' variety.

It takes me right back to childhood.  It was one of the ways I 'helped' mum in the kitchen when I was quite a little girl - the mixing part, I mean, not the boiling milk bit.  That came later.  I liked it so much, especially the skin (I know, weird).

Anyway, I was in Morrisons and saw some and had a craving.  Old fashioned custard on mince pie, Christmas pudding, over sliced banana . . . mmmmmmm.

Anyhow, enough of the waffle.  It's dead easy to make in Thermione.

Just pop the powder, the sugar and the milk in the bowl, add half the milk and give it a good zizz to make a thin paste, then add the rest of the milk.
Heat to 90, speed 4 for around seven minutes (not totally sure about the timing) until it has thickened.
Finally, give it another good zizz before serving.

I've just made some as a test run.  It's really nice although I think I will add a few drops of vanilla to pep it up just a tiny bit.  And maybe some cream too, bad me!

So that's the Christmas custard sorted!


  1. There is nothing bad at christmas it is all good

  2. This certainly is. :-)
    J x