Sunday, 25 January 2015

Loopy with lentils: Spanish style lentils: Thermomix

Adapted from a recipe on mumsnet, found here.

I only have red lentils so that's what I used.

Ingredients to serve 2
half an onion, chopped
olive oil
a handful of Morrison's soup mix vegetables
some mixed peppers, chopped
some mushrooms (I used some frozen mushrooms)
some crushed garlic (out of a jar)
2 mini chorizo sausages, sliced
125g red lentils
1 bay leaf
chicken stock (because I had some in the freezer.
(Very optional:  I also added some little bits of turkey because I had some!)

Put a small glug of oil in the bowl and add the chopped onion.  Saute on 100, reverse speed 2 for about 5 minutes, maybe a little longer, until the onions are softening.

Add the other vegetables and coat them in oil with a gentle stir.

Add the chorizo and continue to saute at 100, reverse speed 2 for a couple of minutes until the chorizo has released all its lovely flavoured oil.

Add the lentils and bay leaf and enough stock (or water) to cover plus a bit more.

Simmer on 100, reverse speed 2 for 15 mins.  Check that it hasn't dried out too much: it needs to be a bit sloppy.  If it is too sloppy, take off the MC.

Check/add seasonings (salt, pepper) and, if necessary, cook a little longer.

Serve with fresh, crusty bread to dunk.

I've made it and it's good next time I would make some changes.  The chorizo is nice but it did all break up and there's not enough.  I don't get that intense paprika taste (so added some smoked paprika) and the 'zing' that I expected.  It could be that the chorizo is old (it has been in the freezer for a while now) or perhaps it was a mild one to start with - I don't remember.  I might add chili too, next time.  Some added sun dried tomatoes would be wonderful but more chorizo and sundried tomatoes would move it very firmly out of the frugal bracket which is not the idea at all.

So, all in all, very tasty, one to do again but next time it needs more ooomph.  These comments in no way reflect badly on the original recipe because I did adapt it.

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