Sunday, 21 September 2014

Spiced blackberry, apple and plum jam

This carries on from where the last one finishes.

I have a sieve full of fruit after straining some stewed blackberries, apple and plums.  I wanted a clear jelly so did't push anything through the seive which meant that there was still quite a lot of pulp there.
I used my mouli to get the rest of the fruit juice and flesh from the pulp and threw the rest away - mostly seeds, pips and skin.

I then mixed in an equal amount of jam sugar, the juice of half a lemon and some mixed spice.  It went into Thermione where it cooked at varoma heat, reverse spin for around seven minutes.  I then checked it for setting point and it was fine.  And that was that.

I got two little pots of jam out of it with a bit that wouldn't squeeze in so I had it on a rice cake and it was truly delicious.

I like making stuff from what would otherwise be thrown away.

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