Sunday, 21 September 2014

blackberry, apple and plum jelly

I was given some blackberries (thanks, K) and I had some apples that someone else had given me (eaters) and some purple plums that needed using up.
Not my photo and I know the plums are the wrong kind!
I chopped the fruit up a bit and simmered it all in some water until everything was soft and mushy.  Then I strained it through a seive and let it stand like that for a couple of hours.

I them measured the liquid and added jam sugar in the proportion pint/pound plus the juice of a small lemon.

There wasn't loads so I used Thermione to boil to setting point.  If there had been more, I'd have done it in the conventional way.  It did take quite a while.

I checked for set using the saucer method.

It tastes wonderful although hasn't made all that much.  That's jellies and jelly bag type methods for you.
I am a bit anti making clear jelly jams as I don't like the waste, but I then pushed the leftover fruit bits through my mouli and have a some unclear, thick 'sauce'.  I think I will add some spice and make some sort of sauce or spicy jam (almost the same thing really).  See separate entry . . .

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