Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cheese scrolls

I've just made these and at the moment I am having great difficulty stopping myself from troughing up the lot!  Really delicious!

I made the dough in Thermione but it can be made the more conventional way - just use oatmeal instead of whole oats, mix the dry, rub in the butter, add the water and knead until it is a nice stretchy dough.  Leave to rise, knock back and shape.

So here we go.

for the dough:
100g oats
400g strong white flour
1.5 tsp dried yeast (the totally instant kind)
1 tsp salt
30g butter
2 tbsp dried milk powder
330mls warm water

for the filling
greated cheese
salt, pepper and mustard powder

Put the oats in the bowl and blitz at 9 or 10 until powdery
Add the flour, yeast, salt and milk powder and mix on 6 for a few seconds
Add the cubed butter and zizz again until butter is all absorbed (4 or 5 seconds is all it takes)
add the warm water, mix briefly and then knead on the dough setting for 8 minutes.

Allow to rise in the bowl.

This makes a soft dough so I used plenty of flour and also oiled my hands.  Tip dough out (scrape round the edges of the bowl) and knead briefly.  Divide into two and use one half to make a normal shaped loaf unsing a 1 lb loaf tim.

With the other half, shape into a rectangle and roll out until about 1cm thick.  Spread over the grated cheese and then sprinkle over the salt, pepper and mustard powder.  Starting from one end, roll up tightly and then cut into pinwheels.  Arrange the circles on a lined baking tray.

Cover the circles and the loaf in the tin and allow to prove (takes around half an hour or so).

Preheat the oven to 230, then as soon as the bread is in, reduce it to around 190.  I put the loaf on the higher shelf and the scrolls on the lower shelf.

Bake until done (around half an hour if using a non-fan oven, probably quicker for the scrolls if it's a fan oven).

Cool on a wire rack - and try not to eat the lot while it is all still warm!

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