Saturday, 27 September 2014

A quick (very quick) lunch

I threw this together one morning last week.

I was frying tomatoes and decided to do more and use some for lunch.  That's what started it off.

some cooked rice (I used half a pack of ready cooked rice)
A small can of tuna (I used a value can which is quite small)
Some chopped mushrooms
some tomatoes that have been fried in butter
a bit of salt and a bit of pepper
soy sauce.

What I did.
I piled the rice into a sealable microwaveable plastic carton.
On top I added the tune, the mushroom and the fried tomatoes and stirred the lot together with a bit of salt and a bit of pepper.  I took it to school and at lunchtime I heated it in the mucrowave at school before adding some soy sauce.
It was surprisingly scrummy and made enough for two meals as it was filling.

A bit of grated cheese would have been nice but I didn't think of that at the time.

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