Friday 29 March 2013

Tomato, chicken and lentil soup: a thermomix recipe

Just made this, it's very nice so I thought I would share it.  From the kitchen onto my blog, made up as I went along.  I'm sure it isn't original.
It has made enough for two really good portions and that's my lunch today sorted!

Tomato, chicken and lentil soup

one shallot, halved
one red chilli, deseeded
one rib of celery including the leaves if they are there, cut into chunks
half a carrot, peeled and chunked
1 clove garlic, peeled
Place all of the above in the bowl and chop briefly until nearly a paste but not quite.  It doesn't take very long.

a glug of olive oil (or other, whatever you have)
Saute for 2.5 mins, 90, speed 2

a can chopped tomatoes (around 400g)
equivalent amount water
2 heaped tbsp red lentils
a very heaped tsp chicken stock paste (or bought equivalent)
A good grinding of pepper
Cook for 20 mins, varoma heat, speed 2-3

Tomato puree
Squidge some tomato puree into the bowl.
Lay a folded tea towel over the cup[ and zizz for about 20 secs on 8-9, until the mixture is lovely and smooth
Check seasoning and texture and adjust if necessary.  The mixture might be quite thick and can be slackened with water or by some single cream or yogurt added just before serving.

Vegetarian version:
Use the vegetable stock cube paste (or a bought equivalent, such as Marigold) instead of the chicken paste.  You really can taste the chicken so it would be a totally different flavour.

The chilli adds a great tongue-tingle.  If you don't like chilli, just leave it out or maybe use a quarter of a red pepper instead.

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