Monday, 25 March 2013


I debated in my mind for ages whether to post this here or in Diary of a Teacher, but decided that maybe here was the more appropriate place.

For Sunday dinner we had cauliflower.  We had more than that, of course, but this is about cauliflower.  I decided to use Thermione and the varoma function - a sort of steaming basket that sits on top of the main bowl for when one wants to steam (obviously).

So I cut up the cauli (firm and sound) and popped it in the varoma   Then I added water to the bowl, set the time, temperature and speed and off it went.  15 mins later I went back to find that the timer was counting down, the blade was gently stirring the boiling water and . . . the water wasn't boiling.  Somehow I'd set it all wrong and there was no heating.  For 15 minutes Thermione had been working and achieving - nothing!

Second try and this time it worked but it took longer, much longer than expected to steam the cauliflower.  Oh dear.  I decided that maybe I should conventionally steam cauliflower in future.

So I served up a rather belated dinner.  And you know what - the cauliflower was absolutely delicious.  Firm but tender.  No mush.  No soggy bits.  It might have taken longer than expected (no, I didn't consult with the cookery book - perhaps it would have been wise so to do) but I will certainly use Thermione again.  Only this time I will make sure the temperature is set properly!

You live and learn!

(oh, and by the way, the roast potatoes and roast parsnips we also had came from Beth's allotment, prepared and frozen before Christmas but never used because Christmas was cancelled - flu - and they were just utterly delicious. Many thanks to you and Alex for all your hard work last year!)


  1. Oh I have done that and discovered that you must set a time if the heat is to work you can't just let it do its own thing.

  2. We can't be the only thermo-wallies, I am sure. But I did feel daft!
    J x