Sunday 17 March 2013

Orange squash and citrus spread: thermomix and conventional

Neither of these are in the least bit original so all acknowledgement/credit to the Fast and Easy Cooking recipe book that came with Thermione. and they can also be found here.  It's not too difficult to work out how to adapt to conventional (sounds better than 'normal', doesn't it?) methods either, although one would use a lot more equipment and create a lot more washing up!
And yes, it uses zest, pith, pips - the lot!  No waste.  Magical outcomes from a few oranges, lemon, sugar and citric acid!  Rather a lovely colour too!

(the white bowl contained what wouldn't fit in the kilner jar - it's  empty now!)

Orange squash:
3 medium or 2 large juicy oranges, well scrubbed
1 lemon, ditto
250g granulated sugar
1 tsp citric acid (you can buy this in chemists or in places that sell wine making equipment.  I get mine from Wilkinsons)

Remove the peel from each end of the fruit.  Quarter the fruit and put in TM bowl.  Add water up to the 1 litre mark.  Cover the lit and cup with a cloth and turbo 3 times for 1 second each time to chop the fruit.  Strain into a jug or bowl.
Rinse the bowl and pour the juice back in.  Add the sugar and heat 5 mins/90/speed 2
Add the citric acid and mix 5 secs/speed 4.

Pour into sterilised bottles, label and store in fridge.  Use diluted to taste.  Lasts up to three weeks.
You can also make this with lemons/limes, etc.  Adjust amounts accordingly.

Conventional way
Zizz the fruit in the processor.  Strain.
Heat juice and sugar to nearly boiling in a saucepan, stirring
Add the citric acid and stir well
Bottle as above.

So now you have loadsa pulp and it won't be wasted.

Citrus spread:
the pulp from the juice recipe
granulated sugar

weigh the fruit drink into the bowl and add the same amount of granulated sugar (or jam sugar for a much firmer set)
zizz on speed 8 to get the consistency you want.  I zizzed until it was quite smooth because that's what I wanted
scrape down the side and lid, then cook for around 14 mins/100/speed 1
after 14 mins, check set* and cook a little longer if wanted
when ready, pour into sterilised jars and seal.
keep in the fridge

I think the conventional way would be rather gloopy, but possible to do.  You'd have to stir and watch that it didn't burn.
Zizz the pulp until the desired smoothness.
Add the sugar
heat gently until sugar has dissolved, the bring to a boil and cook until setting point is reached.

*It suggests you tilt the bowl and see if the fruit spread at the top is starting to gel.  I did the sauce test as it was the first time I've done anything like this.

Both are truly delicious, the spread especially so.  It has a very fresh, marmaladey, citrussy tang to it, great on bread and butter and toast but also, I think, good for sticky sauces  stewed fruit, etc.  And I might try a spoonful or two in a muffin mixture at some point.

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